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FinTecHub will select startups operating in a range of segments, including:




Why Now

The number of fintech startups in Rwanda has almost tripled in the last five years, from 17 in 2004 to 44 in 2019, when UNCDF conducted the fintech landscape study. Despite this rapid growth, fintech startups are severely constrained in accessing the capital and skills they need to grow and scale their business. Fintechub is conceived to address this challenges. Our goal is to support the growth of fintech startups in Rwanda by providing them with the resources and guidance they need to scale.

Our Team

Who are the people behind all the operations and good stories of Fintech?


Director Of Operations


Director Of Operations

3+ years of initiating and delivering sustained results and effective change for Rwanda ICT Chamber across a wide range of areas.


Leads Entrepreneurship and International relationship at Rwanda ICT Chamber private sector federation


Leads Entrepreneurship and International relationship at Rwanda ICT Chamber private sector federation

Tina is professional manager with 5 years of experience applying exceptional ability to create and implement a good work culture in an organ


Are people happy with all the Fintech aid they get?

Tesi RUSAGARA Managing Director at Kigali Innovation City

What Fintechub Rwanda does was our motivation to join it. We as well had the aim of directly supporting the startups so that they are able to grow their customer base and raise money. Startups thriving is and was the aim of Fintechub.

Munezero Angelos Public Digitization Analyst at Rwanda MINICT

The rationale for supporting fintechs startups comes from the country's target: to achieve 100% adult financial inclusion by 2024. this Fintechub Rwanda is making that target being aimed quickly and effectively, as we speak we are at 93 fintechs.

Eduard KIRENGA Managing Director at Uplus Mutual Partners

Uplus aims at making the startups or groups grow financially to be specific. We had no hesitation with being partners of Fintechub Rwanda, we exactly knew that it was the right place and hub to be joining at the moment for some of our needs was a technical support.

Emmanuel Nkurunziza Managing Director atUrID Technologies Ltd

Time is our primary aspect we don't get along with the queues in the payment sectors around Rwanda. So we brought up a solution for this and that solution has been more secure and well supported financially in the partnership with Fintechub Rwanda.

SHIKAMA Dioscore CEO at Food Bundles

Sustainability of the market mainly in agriculture has been the aim of Food bundles from the very beginning. We had to use digital platforms for this sustainability to be achieved and Fintech was the right place for finance and technology.

    We have different programs you can work with.

    The hub offers a virtual six-month program to selected fintech startups to help them become investment ready and scale.