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Hepta Pay




Benefactors is a Rwandan tech-based factoring firm providing tailored working capital solutions to SMEs. We deliver an affordable cash advance to firms with a confirmed invoice from a reputable institutional customer. We have developed proprietary technology to manage origination, control risks, provide post-disbursement support, and ensure cost-effective repayments.

Access to finance is consistently the biggest barrier to private sector development in low-income countries. The most sought-after services are cash-flow-smoothing financial products such as overdrafts, credit cards, or working capital loans, access to which in Rwanda is the #1 constraint for 47% of businesses due to dysfunctional banking sectors. Furthermore, small businesses in low-income countries are more likely to experience payment delays from clients, and unexpected expenses quickly become existential threats. Therefore, the majority of small businesses die or use informal money lenders for liquidity, causing job losses and downward debt spirals.

Simultaneously, global interest in impact investing reached $500bn in 2019 and continues to grow. Yet the sector faces significant challenges to reach their target audience: businesses in low-income countries. While impact investment capital has a higher risk appetite than pure commercial capital, the transaction costs of dealing with small semi-formal businesses are prohibitive. Consequently, investors rarely consider tickets less than $1m, which is not where the impact is in most African markets. This causes money to either sit idle or earn lower returns and less impact than intended. If this intermediation problem is not solved soon, global momentum for impact investment is likely to stall.

Our team has decades of experience in technology, data science, corporate finance, investment banking, and management of both public and private sectors. We have started companies before and raised millions of dollars. Our goal is to be the leading pan-African marketplace for working capital. SMEs will know they can get their working capital needs met through us, and investors around the world will trust our assets and bid through our system.


Exuus Ltd is a FinTech Startup based and incorporated in Rwanda whose vision is to inspire resilience and enable communities to achieve their optimal satisfaction by positively impacting the future. We plan to achieve our vision by creating ideal products in every possible way, products that are easy to use, cost-effective, and powerful.  


  • SAVE – An app for informal collective saving schemes, known as saving groups, SACCOs, Ibimina, VSLAs, Chamas, Tontines, stokvel, etc. SAVE offers a digital collective and decentralized ledger. SAVE brings both efficiency and simplicity to managing collective saving schemes operations. 
  • SAVE PLUS – The first crowdfunding app developed in Rwanda and whose primary focus is to allow users to crowdfund from non-smartphone users across Africa through USSD.  

Hepta Pay

Hepta Pay is a product that interfaces card payments with mobile money accounts, thereby easing diaspora inflows and enabling new payment possibilities for banked customers paying via VISA/Mastercard/AMEX to interact with unbanked merchants directly on their mobile money wallets. We are currently piloting the service with utility payments in Rwanda. The platform will enable convenience amongst Africans who will shop, dine, and pay across the continent with their local-currency wallet.  

Value Proposition 


  • No sign-up required.
  • No app download necessary. 
  • Increased transparency for remittance payments. 


  • Made for repeat transactions. 
  • Single transaction straight to business code. 
  • No intermediary necessary for remittance payments.


  • Than major remittance competitors. 
  • Merchant doesn’t pay any fees. 
  • Competitive and regularly updated exchange rates. 

Target Market

Market SegmentCharacteristicProduct
ExpatriatesPreferred wallets not connected to mobile moneyMobile Money, Airtime, Utilities
DiasporansDesire to pay bills back home directly. E.g., Cement for construction.Mobile Money, Airtime, Utilities
VisitorsWould like to transact with their existing digital wallets from their home countryMobile Money, Airtime


Raisin is a payment aggregator helping large and small businesses access digital payment APIs (mobile money, Visa, and Mastercard for the last two years. Raisin can process more than 2 million transactions per day. Raisin also provides agents payment system that helps in float management and cash distribution. We have also built a ticketing platform for selling and buying event tickets. Our target customers include event-based businesses, including sport, concerts, cinema, etc. transport, retail chains, and others looking for a payment API provider. 

We are interested in partnering with local and international partners, including companies with global wallets, mobile network operators for other APIs, government entities such as revenue authorities to facilitate digital person-to-government payments.


KHENZ is a Smart Transport Technology company that focuses on helping intercity bus operators in the public transport sector with limited resources to apply technology in delivering services. 

We provide a digital ticketing platform that enables quick and secure access to bus tickets for Intercity bus operators. We provide:

  • business to business (B2B) support to bus companies in managing bus scheduling, operations, control, and financial reporting;   
  • business to consumer (B2C) services to provide passengers with ETA and bus tickets purchasing tools; and 
  • business to government (B2G) services by allowing regulatory bodies to enforce standard ticket pricing.

In coping with the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, KHENZ  rapidly introduced cashless transactions/payment and fostered social distancing by helping the government limit the bus occupancy to half capacity. To achieve this, KHENZ provides public transportation companies a system that enables them to schedule a reduced number of travelers on a single vehicle, mobile money payments for commuters, NFC Point Of Sales, web ticketing platform, smartphone app, and QR reader smartphone. This helps the commuters to plan accordingly and avoid the long queues and big crowds at the bus stations/the bus stops, which minimizes the spread of COVID-19, in compliance with the Rwanda Ministry of Health regulations.